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Weather is our world

Hardly anything shapes our lives as much as the weather. It influences how we dress, what we eat and how we spend our free time. The effects of the weather on our health should also not be underestimated. Temperature fluctuations, UV radiation or pollen count can affect our well-being. Heat, cold, storms or rain are also of great importance for the economy. Without a forecast, no plane takes off, no ship sets sail, no farmer sows his seeds. Forestry, agriculture and energy, freight and passenger transport, tourism and the leisure industry all require reliable forecasts, as do private individuals.

Since its founding in 1996, WetterOnline has pursued the goal of presenting the complex weather events to a broad audience in a simple and understandable way. Weather for everyone – always and everywhere. With this vision, our company pioneered online weather services and developed just as rapidly as the World Wide Web. By 2001, WetterOnline was already the online weather service with the widest reach in Europe. Today, with around 160 employees, the company is one of the largest global providers of weather information. The WetterOnline app is available in over 40 countries and 28 languages. The website and apps generate more than 500 million page impressions per month. This makes WetterOnline the leading meteorological service provider in Germany.

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Well-founded specialist knowledge and a passion for the weather form the basis of our work. We want to pass both on to our customers. Our goal: to provide reliable information and to present it quickly and easily.

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