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Parents do not have to be perfect. However, if they are no longer capable of taking care of their children’s needs due to a mental illness, this can have serious consequences.

Often children in such situations take on great responsibility in their home setting and rarely experience carefree moments. They have neither a structured daily routine nor reliable relationships. The mentorship project “Huckepack” takes care of the children of mentally ill mothers and fathers and provides reliable caregivers who offer regular contact and, within the scope of the meetings, a child-friendly daily routine with appropriate recreational activities. The aim of the project for families from Bonn and neighboring communities is to give children in an unstable environment long-term support and orientation through mentorships. As a company that is deeply rooted in the region, WetterOnline is committed to local civic engagement. The project “Huckepack” helps families in acute crisis situations and is a lasting enrichment for those affected. That is why we are keen to support it.

Fast, non-bureaucratic, individual

The mentorship project “Huckepack” was initiated by the non-profit organization Familienkreis e.V. in Bonn, which helps families in particularly stressful situations.

Together with trained volunteers and a multi-professional team of pedagogues, psychologists, family midwives and a family health pediatric nurse, the organization accompanies families and children in Bonn, strengthens parents in their role as parents and supports children in their healthy development.

The volunteers are carefully prepared, qualified and guided. The organization is a recognized child and youth welfare institution and a member of the “Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband” (Paritarian Welfare Association).


If you like to support the Familienkreis e.V. in Bonn, you will find some possibilities here:

Photos photothek, with kind permission Familienkreis e.V.

“Huckepack“– German word for ‘piggyback‘, analogous to the meaning: to support someone on their way, to carry someone through difficult times