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Fascination meets expertise

Our success has a simple formula: We love weather! The expertise of our employees runs through the entire company, resulting in a holistic understanding of our corporate philosophy. Every day, our meteorologists, data professionals and teams from development, technology, design, sales management and editorial work on preparing the highly complex system of weather precisely and in line with the individual needs of our customers.

Instead of “off-the-peg weather”, we offer handmade quality: from raw data to the final product, the entire value chain is in our hands.

Precise weather analysis through state-of-the-art technology

In order to produce the best possible forecasts, WetterOnline does not only rely on the industry-standard data from weather stations. In combination with global observation technologies such as radar measurements, satellite data and lightning detection, our meteorological team is constantly developing our own method of analysis and forecasting. Expert knowledge and fascination for the weather form the basis for turning a huge amount of data into high-quality and easily understandable information.

“We strive to be the most reliable and likeable daily companion for everyone. The competence of our employees is the basis of our actions in order to present the complex facts in a generally understandable way at any time anywhere in the world.”

Hardware and software development

In addition to the analysis of weather data, WetterOnline also relies on its own development of hardware and software. Thus, aspects of planning and programming as well as graphic design are firmly integrated into WetterOnline’s processes.

Tailored to the respective target group, the weather data is published via different media, such as the web application, the weather app or the weather station wetteronline home. Effective marketing measures maximise the reach of the applications and support new market entries. Finally, the insertion of advertisements in the various applications enables monetisation.

Our value chain

Our value chain