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Location Bonn

In 2015 WetterOnline’s headquarters were newly erected at the river port in Bonn. When planning the architecture, special attention was paid to the symbiosis of the nearby river Rhine’s ecosystem and the structure’s energy supply. Part of the Bonn location’s energy demand is met by thin-film solar modules which are permanent fixtures of the building’s black glass façade. A ground water temperature regulator controls the indoor temperature in an eco-friendly way. The building’s insulation technology, including thermally insulated window units, by far exceed the required governmental regulations.

All offices in the ClimateHouse are spacious, feature a lot of natural light and are fitted with height-adjustable workstations. A large and airy meeting room enables creative work in larger groups. Break-time comforts are also catered for at WetterOnline: on warmer days, a roomy outdoor patio boasts spectacular views onto the river. A large common room featuring a dining area and table football is also a popular option. Alternatively, a bistro located within walking distance serves a variety of hot and cold meals. Head outdoors for a walk along the riverbank on an active lunchbreak or recharge with a power nap in the quiet room. Changing rooms and showers are also accessible for those who like to exercise during lunch or who travel to work by bike. A pool car can be used for the four-kilometre drive between the Bonn and Bornheim locations. Alternatively, a virtual meeting room allows for quick and easy exchange with colleagues in Bornheim.


The WetterOnline headquarters is centrally located at Bonn’s Rhine harbour. It is conveniently placed in the immediate vicinity of the Bonn-Auerberg junction of the 565 motorway. A very good connection to the local public transport system is provided by bus line 600, whose terminus Kranenweg is located directly in front of the company headquarters. Visitor parking is available in front of the building as well as a charging station for electric cars. Additional parking spaces for employees are available in the company’s own underground car park, where bicycles or e-bikes can also be parked safely.

WetterOnline Meteorologische Dienstleistungen GmbH
Karl-Legien-Straße 194a
53117 Bonn

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