WetterOnline School in Ethiopia

Education for all

In cooperation with the FLY & HELP foundation, WetterOnline built a school for 900 pupils in Ethiopia. WetterOnline not only financed the construction of the new building and sanitary facilities, but also the purchase of new learning materials and playground equipment for the girls and boys.

The WetterOnline school is located in Koyo. The place is located in the administrative district of Oromia about 130 kilometres southwest of the capital Addis Ababa at an altitude of about 2500 metres. The region can only be reached by partly adventurous roads. The school there was founded in 2001 and is now attended by almost 900 pupils aged between four and 17. From pre-school to eighth grade, they are taught twelve subjects by ten teachers, with a timetable of 30 hours per week.

“Local people should be able to stand on their own two feet. School education is an indispensable prerequisite for this.”

The problems with the old school building were omnipresent. There were only nine dilapidated classrooms, built of mud and wood and inadequate for the nearly 900 schoolchildren. Clean water for drinking and washing was just as unavailable as reasonable sanitary facilities or electricity. The first step was to build a new school building with three classrooms and a room for a library. The construction was carried out in close coordination with the community. For reasons of sustainability, mainly local building materials were used. In order to increase the identification with the school, the community members built the school mainly with their own labour under the guidance of a building contractor. In a further step, a borehole was driven into the ground and equipped with a hand pump to provide clean access to water. In addition, hygienic toilets were built, tables and chairs as well as learning materials were purchased.

WetterOnline School in Ethiopia - Picture 1