The FLY & HELP Foundation

From adventure to aid project

The goal of the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP is to promote education. With the help of donors like WetterOnline, the foundation builds schools in developing countries. All donations flow 1:1 into the educational projects, as foundation founder Reiner Meutsch and sponsors bear all administrative costs.

Reiner Meutsch, former managing director of the tour operator Berge & Meer, has fulfilled a lifelong dream: He swapped his desk for the cockpit of a small plane to fly around the world once. In January 2010, the successful manager from the Westerwald became only the tenth German to fly around the world in a small plane, visiting and supporting aid projects in Ghana, Rwanda, India, Indonesia and Brazil.

Today, the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP is represented in more than 40 countries and has implemented more than 300 school projects for 60,000 school children in the first ten years of its existence alone, with a funding volume of almost eleven million euros. The new buildings enable them to attend school in Africa, Asia and Latin America and lay the foundation for a self-determined future.

Establishment of the FLY & HELP Foundation

Reiner Meutsch’s round-the-world flight in 2010 was the reason for establishing the Reiner Meutsch Foundation FLY & HELP. Reiner Meutsch and his co-pilot spent ten months flying around the world in a small plane.

They took off from Siegerland Airport. The route led to Africa and via Asia to Australia. They continued their flight past the diverse landscape of North America, into the colourful hustle and bustle of Latin America and over the east coast of the USA through Greenland and Iceland back to Siegerland. They covered more than 100,000 kilometres, visited and flew over 77 countries.