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Successful beyond Germany’s borders

As a leading weather service provider, WetterOnline combines reliable forecasts with user-friendliness and a wide range of services. This is not only appreciated by our users in Germany. With our innovative products we set standards worldwide and open up new markets around the globe.

Without detours to the weather

WetterOnline offers the widest range of weather products on the German market. Whether as an individual service for business customers or as a mobile app for the “weather from your pocket”, our extensive range is aimed at both professionals and the general public. Any desired information can be accessed via the various end devices. The fast, intuitive access to our offer makes us a reliable and likeable daily companion for our users. Our worldwide apps are characterised by an easy-to-use location search and provide a forecast for any place on earth within seconds. Sun, rain or snow? WetterOnline shows the weather in real time without any detours.

Design and function in one: With the WLAN weather station wetteronline home, we have developed a suitable framework for our weather data and show you the weather at a glance – without a click.

Active in Germany, Europe and the world

It is not only in Germany that the extensive range of services offered by WetterOnline is met with great interest. The demand for reliable weather information is also growing steadily abroad. WetterOnline has been active internationally since 2015 and is opening up new markets worldwide. The company now offers its meteorological services globally in more than 40 countries and 28 languages – in addition to Europe, especially in India, parts of South America and, since 2019, in the USA. Quality is also a top priority here: The WetterOnline offer is not only available in the respective national language, but is also modified and expanded according to the country-specific characteristics. Our local employees create their own editorial content for many countries. It goes without saying that WetterOnline is also an international company in terms of personnel.

Weather for every occasion

Jumper or T-shirt, bike or train, cinema or bike tour? Many decisions are determined by the weather. We don’t leave our customers out in the cold and provide the right information for every intention.

In addition to precise forecasts and satellite images, WetterOnline offers both a Weather Map and a Rainfall Radar, which can be used to track the development of rain, snow or cloud fields in animation mode. Our services also includes severe weather warnings, current water levels and the forecast and analysis of thunderstorms and lightning. Information on pollen count, UV index or ozone values cover the health sector, and sports enthusiasts can plan their activities with the help of the sailing weather or winter sports sections, among others. Our weather editorial team reports on current weather events several times a day. Photo series, weather videos and informative background information complete the offer.

Weather Map

WetterRadarThe WetterOnline Weather Map is a reliable companion for all those who like to know what is coming. In a visually appealing application, the entire weather pattern can be viewed interactively at a glance – and that for any location in the world. Regardless of whether you are interested in a specific location or in the global weather situation: one glance is enough to track clouds, snow and rain in real time. A review of the past 48 hours is just as possible as a preview of the weather development for the next four days. The Weather Map can be used on almost any device: on websites for desktop and smartphones, with mobile apps for Android and iOS, with the weather station wetteronline home or in the WetterOnline Skill for Amazon Alexa.

Weather forecasts


High quality, visually appealing and easy to understand: This is what distinguishes the WetterOnline weather forecast. From the short-term forecast, which shows the weather development over the next 90 minutes, to high-resolution information for the coming days, to the 16-day trend, we cover all forecast periods. In the process, the model forecasts are refined using state-of-the-art methods such as machine learning and our meteorological expertise. In addition, WetterOnline shows whether and where thunderstorms, rain, storms or ice are to be expected. The severe weather warnings are available throughout Europe with location accuracy and are continuously adapted to new developments in the weather pattern. In this way, our users can prepare themselves in good time for dangers from lightning, floods, storm damage and slippery conditions.



Our users are on top of the latest in global weather with the WetterOnline WetterTicker. Our weather editorial team observes weather and climate phenomena around the world 365 days a year. Our journalistically trained meteorological team classifies the events and prepares the content in various multimedia formats such as videos, livestreams, photo series and reports in an entertaining and comprehensible way. Our weather reporter Marco Kaschuba regularly ventures to the front of the weather front and is always on the heels of spectacular natural events. In the WeatherSchool and WeatherLexicon sections, qualified meteorologists provide background knowledge for every age group on the topics of weather and climate. Whether it’s a hurricane, a heat wave or a hailstorm – anyone who follows the WetterTicker is well equipped for any kind of weather small talk.

Weather for professionals


For those who want to know exactly what the weather is like, WetterOnline offers a comprehensive range of specific weather information. For amateur meteorologists, current readings from all over the world, lightning maps, satellite images, radiosonde ascents and a professional radar with raw data from rain radar stations are available. Those who want to create their own weather forecast can do so with the help of worldwide professional maps from various forecast models. A look into the past is possible thanks to a huge pool of historical weather data: past weather events can be easily reconstructed using retrospective and climate diagrams as well as recorded measured values.

Health & Leisure Weather


Weather affects people’s well-being in many ways. Various complaints are associated with changes in air pressure or temperature – but high ozone levels or the blossoming of trees, grasses and herbs also have an effect on health and leisure behaviour. If you are planning an excursion and want to find out about pollen counts, ozone levels and the current UV index, you will always find up-to-date and reliable information at WetterOnline. Our service covers a wide range of topics and offers a service for allergy sufferers as well as information on air quality, ozone pollution or particulate matter levels. Sports enthusiasts can plan their activities with the help of the sailing weather or winter sports sections, among others.