Balloon team

Take off and do good

Flying high – this is the motto under which the WetterOnline balloon team takes off on breathtaking flights in a blue and yellow hot-air balloon. But it’s not just the balloonists who are flying high.

All flights of the WetterOnline balloon take place under the motto “Up high”. This applies in both senses of the word, because it is not only the balloon, the balloon team and its passengers who are flying high. Numerous children in regions of the world that have so far benefited little from global prosperity are also flying high. Together with the FLY & HELP foundation, WetterOnline is helping these children and young people to have a better future through school education.

The foundation set up by Reiner Meutsch achieves this goal by building schools in developing countries. The WetterOnline balloon team supports this goal by donating ten euros to FLY & HELP for every kilometre the WetterOnline balloon floats. So the journey is the destination – and the longer the journey, the better!

Facts about the WetterOnline balloon

The WetterOnline balloon with the distinctive registration number D-OOWO has been around since 2015. The more than 1200 square metre balloon envelope encloses an air volume of about 3400 cubic metres.

With basket, the balloon reaches a height of 25 metres, a circumference of 60 metres and weighs about 700 kilograms when fully occupied by four people. The double burner generates a power of 2300 kilowatts each and consumes about 0.5 kilograms of propane gas per minute during operation.

WetterOnline balloon
Every ride with the WetterOnline balloon is an impressive experience.