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Did you know? Among the most searched terms on the internet, “weather” is always at the top. Weather is a topic of general interest and an absolute MUST not only for all websites and apps in the fields of news, tourism and health.

Use this favourable circumstance for your purposes and integrate the data from WetterOnline, which is optimally tailored to your needs, into your application. Thanks to high-quality data and professional visualisation, the topic of weather can become a real drawing card for you.

Benefit directly from our many years of experience and expertise in the presentation and production of weather information.

Precise weather information for every need

The production, transport and consumption of various products are directly influenced by the weather. Questions about the optimal time for sowing, increased demand for flu medication, weather-related traffic obstructions or weather-dependent food surpluses or shortages are just a few of the many examples.

WetterOnline is perfectly tuned to provide you with the optimal data in the right form for you. Diverse products and perfect customer solutions speak for cooperation:

  • Real-time weather coverage for any geo-coordinates.
  • Local forecasts for any location on earth with hourly resolution for up to 16 days
  • Permanent data processing from more than 10.000 stations worldwide – current and historical
  • Delivery of a broad cross-section from radar images to snow depth maps
  • Detailed data from particulate matter pollution to thunderstorm probability, from water levels to worldwide satellite images
  • Editorial texts, photo series and videos on current weather, climate and other weather-related topics
  • Forecast of individual key figures and indices of the weather affinity of your industry (e.g. load forecasts, degree day figures, expected amount of damage, sales indices)


Construction & Facility Management

To ensure that your construction projects are not delayed or completely jeopardised by the weather, WetterOnline offers a wide range of detailed weather information.

Wind, precipitation, temperature and a multitude of other parameters can be determined precisely for the individual location of your project. From real-time weather data and short-term forecasts to the 16-day weather trend, high-quality information of unique quality is available for various questions. For the automation of building technology, this data can also be directly integrated into the house control system.

Are you interested in individual data provision? We look forward to receiving your enquiry. We are also happy to recommend our WetterOnline membership as a user-friendly application and comprehensive source of information for your building projects.

Energy industry

Generation, transport, consumption and trade of all energy sources are directly influenced by weather and weather conditions. Therefore, reliable weather information is of high economic interest for all companies in the energy industry.

Whether network monitoring in the control centre or trading on the commodity exchanges, feed-in or load forecasting: WetterOnline supports you with diverse, customer-specific weather information.

In addition to precise forecasts of temperature, global radiation, wind, etc., we can also produce direct forecasts of target variables such as wind energy, energy consumption and electricity load. With our methods, we are able to produce optimal forecasts even for your specific target variables. Furthermore, we provide diverse and high-resolution weather data from worldwide weather stations as well as satellite, radar and lightning data.

We look forward to your enquiry.

Online & Mobile

Whether internet portal or mobile app, WetterOnline offers made-to-measure weather content for every application and every device:

  • Current weather, local forecasts from short term to 16-day preview
  • Radar, satellite and lightning information
  • Measured values and climate data worldwide
  • Editorial texts by our meteorological team
  • Pollen count, snow depths, water temperatures, …
  • Data, maps and much more

A powerful API is available for easy integration. In addition, WetterOnline offers “turnkey” weather applications. WetterOnline takes into account all customer-specific wishes and requirements. Benefit directly from our many years of experience in the presentation and production of weather information.

We look forward to your enquiry.


Hardly any other sector of the economy is more strongly influenced by the weather and climate than agriculture: an optimal alternation of precipitation and sunshine promotes plant growth. On the other hand, frost, heat and storms as well as drought and continuous rain reduce crops.

You cannot influence the weather, but you can prepare for it with precise weather information. Trust the experts!

Our weather information is aimed at agricultural production companies and agribusinesses such as crop protection manufacturers, chemical and biotechnology companies.

WetterOnline provides all forecasts covering the entire growing season. This makes it possible to determine the optimal time for sowing, harvesting, fertilising and pest control. Well-known international companies in the agricultural industry rely on our forecasts and weather data.

Get in touch with us! We will be happy to compile an offer for you.

If you are looking for a comprehensive source of information for your agricultural processes, we also recommend our WetterOnline membership.

Retail & Big Data

How much ice cream is consumed in which weather conditions? How does the weather influence beverage sales? Is more pizza sold in bad weather? When is the best time to advertise sunscreen?

The demand for many products and services is strongly dependent on the weather. WetterOnline therefore offers precise forecasts of various weather parameters that can be used to optimise purchasing, staff planning and marketing. In addition, helpful correlations can be made between your benchmarks and the weather. Weather and weather conditions have an influence on almost every area. Precise weather data offer an added information value that you should not let go unused.

With the help of our evaluations, production processes can be optimised and resources better utilised. 

We look forward to your enquiry.


WetterOnline offers various forecasts on health-related topics for the healthcare sector. Precise pollen forecasts support the targeted medication of allergy sufferers and give those affected valuable tips on which areas to visit or avoid.

In addition to hay fever, symptoms are often also caused by high levels of ozone and particulate matter. With the help of the forecast for these parameters, pharmaceutical suppliers can specifically advertise their products and offer their customers additional information on general well-being.

Other complaints such as colds or the risk of sunburn are also related to the weather. Here, too, WetterOnline supports the information needs of manufacturers and consumers with precise forecasts.

We look forward to your enquiry.

Roads & Traffic

WetterOnline offers solutions for all road users, winter services and haulage companies to communicate hazards to road traffic and other transport routes directly to responsible and affected parties.

Precise weather information can be transmitted to road users via mobile services or directly via the navigation system. This enables timely route-related warnings of weather events such as hail, heavy rain, icy roads and snow.

Are you interested in an individual data provision? We look forward to receiving your enquiry. We are also happy to recommend our WetterOnline membership as a user-friendly application and comprehensive source of information.

Tourism & Event

Tourism industry

Holiday in the rain or skiing without snow? That doesn’t have to be the case! For the tourism industry, reliable weather information is indispensable in terms of customer service.


WetterOnline provides detailed weather forecasts for all travel and business destinations worldwide. Don’t leave anyone out in the cold and trust in the highest quality when it comes to weather information.
With Weather Finder, Travel Planner and Climate Calculator, WetterOnline offers various other applications to provide travellers with accurate information.

Event management

When downpours, lightning and hail threaten, more than just the good mood at events is often at risk. Reliable information on the weather is indispensable when planning and staging large open-air events. In addition, precise weather information can be used to optimise purchasing and personnel planning.

Rely on the reliable information provided by WetterOnline to guarantee the safety and success of your event.
We are happy to recommend our WetterOnline membership as a user-friendly application and comprehensive source of information.
In addition to the high-resolution forecast, you will also receive current rain, cloud and lightning information as well as statistical statements based on historical data.

Do you have special requirements? We look forward to your enquiry.


Claims management

With the WeatherCheck system, WetterOnline GmbH offers an ideal platform especially for the insurance industry to easily and quickly retrieve weather information on claims.

In the case of overvoltage damage caused by lightning and damage caused by storms, hail or heavy precipitation, WeatherCheck provides reliable information on all weather events. WeatherCheck can be operated intuitively via any browser. If you, too, want to use the power of WeatherCheck, please contact us.

In addition, we offer weather expertises, which are individually prepared by our qualified meteorologists.

Risk assessment and prevention:

As an insurer, you are dependent on weather and climate developments in many ways in times of climate change. Reliable measured values, analyses and forecasts are therefore a great help in calculating future scenarios and premiums as well as minimising damage and risks. WetterOnline supports you in this with high-quality forecasts and weather data that are individually tailored to your needs. The quality of the forecasting systems and measured values is, of course, a top priority.

WetterOnline only evaluates tested and high-quality weather data from state weather services. The quality partner of WetterOnline GmbH for the provision of lightning information is nowcast GmbH.

We will be happy to advise you and come up with a solution for your requirements. We look forward to your enquiry.

Further services

WetterOnline offers solutions for every sector with an affinity to weather, with which desired weather information such as forecasts, current measured values and other variables can be made available quickly and easily.

Reliable implementation times and high content and technical quality are performance characteristics of WetterOnline GmbH.

Our services:

  • Web services / API
  • Various import interfaces
  • Integration of weather data into existing structures
  • Consulting for weather-related industries
  • Customer-specific data analysis
  • Problem-oriented model development
  • Programming of integrable, constantly updated data
  • Development and implementation of application programs
  • Support and maintenance of applications
  • Technical presentations and studies

We look forward to your enquiry.

There’s no such thing as can’t!

Our experience and competence in the presentation and production of weather information is your benefit. We are happy to support you in the individual implementation of your wishes and are always available to advise you. Please get in touch with us! There’s no such thing as can’t!


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